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When you give, you impact the lives of children in foster care.


Today, at least 39 Families in Arizona and New Mexico will get a phone call from a state child welfare worker asking them to take in a child who needs safety above all else. We do this work to make it easier for families to open their homes. The only reason we get to do this work is because the community believes in this mission and trusts us with their resources to carry it out. With more than 14,000 children in state and tribal foster care systems, this is your chance to make a difference.

Your gift will provide beds, personal care kits, clothing, diapers, birthday gifts and more!

Because every child deserves a place to call home…

Make a difference for a foster child today.

Tax Credit

Imagine a child in Arizona desperately needing a safe haven. You have the power to change that. The Foster Alliance (TFA) is a Qualified Foster Care Organization (QFCO). When you donate up to $1,173 for joint filers and $587 for single filers, you can get ever dollar back on your state taxes. In the State of Arizona, you get to decide where your tax dollars go!

Monthly Donor Program

Imagine if 1,000 foster children were able to change their stars. Our #ImpactAllies help make bright futures happen. Join TFA’s monthly donor club today and make a lasting difference!

P2P Fundraising

Imagine the difference we can make together. Help foster children by getting the word out to your community today!

Donor Advised Funds

Maximize your impact while minimizing your tax burden. Donor Advised Funds (DAF) offer tax-deductible contributions and tax-free growth, allowing you to make a significant difference in a foster child’s life. Learn more about using your DAF to support The Foster Alliance.


Turn appreciated assets into a brighter future for a foster child. Donate stock, bonds, and mutual funds and receive valuable tax benefits. You’ll get a tax receipt for the full value and avoid capital gains tax. It’s a win-win for you and a life-changing gift for a child in need.

Legacy Or Planned Giving

Imagine a child in foster care, their future uncertain. Your generosity today can rewrite their story, lighting the path to a bright future not just for them, but for generations to come. Leave a legacy of hope. Include The Foster Alliance in your will or trust and ensure your savings become a lifesaver for a child in need.

Corporate Giving

Empower your team to make a lasting difference! Volunteer as a team, sponsor programs, or hold a collection drive – The Foster Alliance offers customizable ways for your company to support children in foster care. Engage your employees and create a positive social impact together!


Make a difference where it matters most! The Foster Alliance offers a variety of programs to support foster children. Choose to donate to a program that aligns with your passion, whether it’s providing essential needs, celebrating birthdays, or ensuring a safe environment. Every contribution makes a lasting impact.

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