The Foster Alliance is more Than an organization.

We are also a team.

We exist to make it easier for families to open their homes to a child. By providing essentials like socks, shoes, and even birthday gifts we help ensure that every child on a foster journey thrives. Always.

Join us. Become a #FosterAlly.

Our 2023 stats

Children Served
Beds Distributed
Back-To-School Backpacks Distributed
Birthday Dream Gifts Distributed
New Mobile Units
Volunteer Hours Worked
Foster Footlockers
Children Served at Holiday Toy Fest


The Foster Alliance (TFA) is the largest provider of essential needs for children in foster care in Arizona and beyond. This year, we expanded our services at the Phoenix Resource Center, opened a new location in Flagstaff, and sent two mobile units on the road thanks to our generous donors and #FosterAlly funding partners. Now, we can support foster children where they need us, when they need us.

Safe Sleep  

TFA believes all children deserve a safe place to sleep. That is why we provide brand-new beds, cribs, and linens to ensure all foster children have a safe place to sleep.  

birthday dreams

Birthday Dreams 

At TFA, we believe celebrating birthdays is just as essential as having clothes for school. That’s why we provide over 400 personalized birthday gifts monthly to every foster child, teen, and young adult.  



For TFA, Back to School is both a season and a year-round commitment. We provide multiple ways for foster children to get brand new backpacks, school supplies, and essentials no matter the time of year.  

clothing on hangers

Essential Resources

One of our largest programs, Essential Resources, is here to make it easier for families to open their homes to foster children, while providing those children with the best life possible. 

First aid kids


We often find that there are more foster kids in need of a safe home than there are families who can open their doors. That is why we provide custom household safety kits for new foster families going through the state licensing process.  

Holiday Toy Fest

Children in foster care deserve to feel the joy of the holiday season, and we want to help you make that happen. Starting at the end of October each year, our #FosterAllies gather far and wide to provide toys and gifts for foster youth ages 0-21.  

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