About Us

We are dedicated to the foster community because all children deserve to win.

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We support the foster care community by providing essentials to benefit children in foster care.


Every child on the foster care journey thrives. Always.


All kids deserve a chance to win!

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Our Impact

In 2023, The Foster Alliance (TFA) distributed more than $3.5 million worth of essential resources to the foster community—items such as brand-new beds, cribs, shoes, clothing, diapers, pull-ups, and wipes. Just imagine the impact #FosterAllies made. Families could fill their gas tanks without hesitation, pay their utility bills, and even purchase everything on their grocery list—all while providing the best possible life for the foster children in their care.

Why do we do it?

Because all children deserve a chance to win!

How We Help

Today, 35 Arizonans will receive a phone call urging them to care for as many as 5 to 7 children who need a safe place to stay. We are here to support the superheroes who say “yes,” making it easier to open their homes for a child in need.

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Essential Services

The Foster Alliance is Arizona’s largest provider of essential resources to children in foster care. We provide everything from clothes & shoes, beds & cribs, diapers & wipes, personal & self-care, and footlockers at no cost.


Back to School

Many foster children start the new school year in new surroundings. They didn’t choose to be foster kids, so this program helps them walk into that first day of school feeling like themselves. We provide, new backpacks filled with school supplies, and even a new outfit complete with shoe when we can.

LSI – Licensing & Safety

Especially for families who are working to get the license needed to open their homes to children who need them, this program provides essential safety items at no cost. When you support the Licensing & Safety program you are directly impacting the quality of life for children in foster care. You are helping more families open their homes to kids when they need us most.

Holiday Toy Fest

One of the largest toy drives in Arizona, #FosterAllies join forces to bring the magic of the holidays to foster children all over the state. The toys and gifts we collect during this time ensure that each child is able to celebrate the holidays and feel special on their birthdays.

Birthday Dreams

Our #FosterAllies have met too many teenagers who have never celebrated their birthday. We believe that a custom birthday bag, filled with gifts chosen just for “you” is essential.