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The Russ Lyon Sotheby’s team of realtors has proven to be one of the most successful back-to-school drive partners in Arizona. Recently, the leaders of the Russ Lyon Foundation team sat down with our very own, Bethany Eggleston, VP of Development & Marketing, and Matt Lipan, VP of Operations & Engagement, to share their keys to success.

1. Set a Goal

“Reach high for stars are hidden in you.” – Rabindranath Tagore

When you and your team set a goal of how many pairs of shoes or backpacks you want to donate together and share why your goal is important, you inspire the people in your community to join forces with you to reach your goal. When we reach for the stars, we can help children in foster care change their stars.

2. Create a Competition

Hosting a back-to-school drive is fun. Crank up the fun by also creating a game to see who can donate the most shoes, socks, or school supplies. Create teams among employees, departments, offices, clubs, and social groups. The winning team gets a prize or bragging rights. Have all of the fun so foster kids can too!

3. Invite Your Partners to Participate

“Reach high for stars are hidden in you.” – Rabindranath Tagore

The most successful companies and organizations have many strong partnerships. Invite your business partners, vendors, companies who share your building, or even sister/brother clubs to join your back-to-school drive. Your partners are already on your side, they will be happy to support you as you work to help children in foster care feel confident on their first day of school.

4. Over Communicate

The number one reason why a person donates is because you asked!

People are busy, and the summer and back-to-school can be even busier. Many think that sending reminders often will be annoying to your colleagues, friends, and family, yet often they are thankful for the reminder. The team at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s recommends getting the word out once to twice a week during your back-to-school drive.

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