Frequently Asked Questions

Foster Families & Advocates


Q: Do you help with adopted or biological children?

A: Our mission is specifically aimed at supporting children and youth currently in foster care.

Q: Do you accept digital versions of documentation?

A: We absolutely do!

Q: What should I do if I cannot visit your facility during your resource hours or do not have the means to come in person?

A: You are welcome to have your caseworker, friend, or family member pick up items on your behalf if you provide them with the required documentation.

Essential Resources:

Q: What kind of beds do you have and how do I go about receiving a bed?

A: We offer twin beds and cribs (bedding included). The process for receiving beds is the same as for our essential needs program. You can come to our resource center anytime during our service hours with your documentation.

Q: What are the dimensions of the beds so I can determine the appropriate vehicle for transportation?

A: our twin bed sizes are:

MATTRESS: 12”H BY 12”W BY 40″L
FRAME: 4”H BY 40”W BY 40”

(Please note the mattress comes rolled up in a box)

FRAME: 6”H BY 34”W BY 54”L

Q: Will I need to bring my documentation each time?

A: For confidentiality purposes, we do not store documentation, so we kindly request that you bring documentation each time you visit the resource center or seek to receive resources from us in any location.

Q: Do you offer furniture other than beds?

A: We provide twin beds and cribs and do not have any other furniture available.

Birthday Dreams:

Q: How will I know if my birthday bag is ready for pickup?

A: You will receive an email from Smartsheet ( informing you the bag is ready to be picked up.

Q: How long do I have to pick up the birthday bag?

A: You have two weeks from the time you received the “Bag Ready for pick-up” email. For your convenience, we will also send a two-week reminder email.

Q: Who can submit a birthday request?

A: Foster Parents (kinship or licensed), caseworkers, CASAs, or other advocates for foster child(ren).

Q: How soon can I submit a birthday request?

A: You can submit a birthday request up to one month before the child’s birthday.

Q: What is the latest I can submit a birthday request?

A: We recommend submitting your request at least 4 weeks before the child’s birthday to ensure the bag is prepared in time for their special day.

Q: Can someone else pick up the birthday bag on my behalf?

A: Yes, let them know the name of the person who the request was submitted under and ensure they have the proper documentation for pick up.

Q: How can I access resources at your Flagstaff, AZ location?

A: Contact your worker and ask them to email with your specific needs, and we will respond accordingly.