Help Provide Footlockers to Children and Teens in Foster Care

After learning that children in foster care were concerned about the security of their personal belongings The Foster Alliance launched the Foster Footlocker Program. Imagine a child who has already been through so much, living in a new place, it would be natural to be concerned that your prized possessions could disappear. Why should any child need to worry about the security of their favorite pair of shoes, or perhaps the only photograph they have of their biological family? We initiated the Foster Footlocker Program to take away that fear.

With this simple product, a footlocker accompanied by a lock and key, youth in foster care have one less concern and can rest a bit easier. Your gift of $100 or more will provide Foster Footlockers for one child or teen in foster care, creating a piece of mind and giving them a safe place to store personal keepsakes and belongings.